Tammy's Run

To help save the children of the Azawak



While raising my three beautiful children, Miko, Lukas and Alex, I have learned some of my most valuable life lessons. As one of their role models, it is very important to me to teach them the importance of social responsibility and serving a greater purpose than one’s self. Through their school, Sunset Hills Montessori, I’ve become actively involved with a nonprofit organization, Amman Imman: Water is Life. Amman Imman’s mission is to build sustainable water sources in one of the most vulnerable regions of the world -- the Azawak of Niger, where water, a basic life necessity, is close to non-existent.

After hearing the heart-felt stories from the Executive Director, Ariane Kirtley, Wells of Love Director, Debbie Kahn, and watching my children and fellow students get involved in fundraising activities for Amman Imman, I too felt compelled to help in whatever way I could. Recently, I had the privilege to attend the "Clean Water for Africa Summit” which focused on raising awareness about the water crisis that affects our brothers and sisters in Africa. It was impossible for me to ignore the amazing work that the organizations at the summit were doing. Speakers representing many different African countries spoke of the desperate need for assistance in combating poverty. Even beyond the obvious needs, it was moving for me to hear their personal stories where each speaker would begin by first smiling and then thanking everyone for being present and caring for their communities in Africa.

Debbie recently told me about two women who have raised money for Amman Imman by running races and obtaining sponsorships. I thought to myself, what better way to help than for me to do the same? I have therefore decided to run in the Army 10 Miler in Washington, D.C. on October 24th.

My goal is to raise $5,000 in order to raise awareness about the water security issues in the Azawak valley and inspire other parents to get their childrens’ schools involved with the Amman Imman Wells of Love program.


We are so blessed and fortunate that it can become easy to forget about the least of our brothers and sisters. Please donate and get involved in raising awareness in your local communities through your children, the true Heroes of Compassion. God Bless!

Amman Imman, the children and I graciously thank you for your support.



Tammy Brennan

Dear Friends...



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