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Join Schools Around the World
In Our Fall Wells of Love Campaign:
Hand in Hand!

Hand in Hand is our Wells of Love Annual Fall Collaborative Project.  In this campaign, our Heroes of Compassion combine creativity with philanthropy as they work together to bring water to the children of the Azawak. 

Hand in Hand encourages the virtues of

Philanthropy & Social Responsibility.

Join us in bringing water to the Azawak

by incorporating Hand In Hand

into your school's annual holiday celebration!

Here’s how it works: 

Wells of Love schools choose a craft project that students can make using their own hands. Students then sell their handmade crafts in their school and community to raise money for their Well of Love.  Students take digital photos of themselves, their crafts and/or their sale booth to post on the Wells of Love website. These handcrafted gifts symbolize the growing friendship between the two cultures as they walk hand in hand toward love and hope.

What you need to do:
  • Register your school as a Wells of Love School and sign up for the Hand in Hand campaign.

  • Download the registration form. Print, fill out and then mail the completed form to Wells of Love program director Debra Kahn at  the address listed below.

  • Create a timetable. Consider beginning production in early fall with a goal of selling the handicrafts during the holiday season, starting at Thanksgiving.

  • Share your experience with Heroes of Compassion around the world. 
    Send your stories, photos and videos to Your Hand in Hand story will published on the Wells of Love site so that student efforts can be celebrated.

  • Submit your donation online here  or send by postal mail to:  

    Amman Imman: Water is Life
    Wells of Love program
    914 Robin Road
    Silver Spring, MD 20901

          Checks should be made payable to “Amman Imman”.  

Suggestions for engaging your students:

  • Present Amman Imman to the students.  Learn more about our work in the Azawak on the Amman Imman Program Page. The students will get more out of the project if they appreciate why they are making the handicraft.

  • Empower the students to take initiative. Brainstorm with them about what kind of craft to make.  Ask a group of students to research sales price and where to sell the items.  When students are involved in planning, they take personal responsibility. 

  • Have fun! Set aside time to buy the supplies, make the crafts, organize them, and sell them.  Experiencing the joy of creating and giving provides a foundation the students will always remember.

Need ideas for craft projects?

Ask your students!

Here are tips to get you started:

Knitted scarves are quick and
easy for young knitters to make.

Friendship bracelets are an activity kids love.

Holiday cards can be made in time for holiday giving.

 Engage the Philanthropic Spirit of
Your Heroes of Compassion
by Launching Hand in Hand
in Your School Today!


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Students around the world
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