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June 17: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Help us build a borehole in Kijigari!

Desert and drought are all 8-year-old Anaha has ever known. Despite the 120 degree heat, she giggles and plays while pouring brackish liquid from a hole dug in a dried marsh - she is grateful for the mud that keeps her brothers and sisters alive. She doesn't worry about the month to follow, when the mud will have dried and nothing will be left to cook with or drink. Today she smiles.

Today, on United Nations "World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought" , let Anaha's story become your personal story of compassion for the children of the Azawak of West Africa. Without water, as many as one in five of the children in Anaha's village die of thirst and dehydration before the age of 5, and another third die of water-related disease. Simple things like a pimple or scraped knee can be life-threatening.

In honor of this day and of Anaha, I request that you help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 towards a borehole for Kijigari by doing two simple things:

1. Contribute as least $15 towards the Kijigari borehole today and personally become a part of the global battle against desertification and drought. Click here to make your contribution.

When 1,000 people give $15 dollars (11 Euros), Amman Imman will be $15,000 closer to its $25,000 goal and can begin construction on the next borehole at Kiligari! Of course, contributions of any size, even larger or smaller, get us one critical step closer to building this much needed borehole and bring life to children dying of thirst. Give your gift today.

2. Forward this message to each and every person you know you know and post our campaign on your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (see the "share" link at the top right of this page). Less than two years ago, Amman Imman drilled its first borehole in the village of Tangarwashane. Now the children there drink pristine water, bathe, and have plenty of time to attend the newly built school. Their parents now go to adult learning classes and have begun reforesting the land near their borehole. These developments are possible thanks to the precious water it provides. With your help, we can do the same for Kijigari!

Just imagine - with just a $15 contribution from you and your family or group of friends, Amman Imman has a realistic chance of exceeding its $25,000 goal and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that the wonderful children of Kijigari will never again have to suffer through a day with no water!

I am making my personal $15 gift of life today. Please join me and Amman Imman today by making your life-saving contribution for the children of the Azawak. Believe that YOU can make a difference. Anaha and her friends are counting on you to survive.

Yours for the children of the Azawak,


Ariane Alzhara Kirtley
Founder and Director
Amman Imman: Water is Life

To find out more about Amman Imman and our programs please write us at:  info@ammanimman.org

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